“Ideas” with Theo Hunphries


Our fist lecture of the term was called “Ideas”. What was covered was the importance of ideas and original thought. How you can use ideas in a tool like fashion.

The lecturer, Theo Humphries, started off by using the example of the famous Artist Picasso. Picasso’s older work shows a much more traditional style. The People he painted were not abstract or oddly coloured, but then, be began to question the orthodoxies upon art was built and from this he had an idea, or original thought. Thanks to this idea to flip traditional art styles upside down, he went from being a great artist to one of the most famous and memorable artists of all time.


Another example The lecturer used was the idea to paint a boat in zig zagging black and white colours to confuse the enemy. The exact form of the boat was difficult make out and…

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Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Sergey Gusev and I am a visual artist from Russia. I am learning painting in the Academy of Fine Arts, Petersburg, Russia. I like all kinds of art and invite everyone to share experience in art here. Keep in touch, Sergey.
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